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Herbal Treasures Christmas Herbs

Herbal Treasures Of Hickory Hollow Garden Guide: Christmas Herbs by Becky Cortino

When we think about Christmas time, sweet remembrances and beautiful touches of gatherings past often come to mind. Years later, memories of special moments continue to evoke feelings of warmth and grace. In addition to friends and family coming together to enjoy memory-making occasions, sights, sounds, and scents further enhance these meaningful times. As essential elements, these components are most often associated with celebrations and special dishes of this glorious season.


Many of these practices, decorations, and dishes can be traced back through family tradition, customs, country of origin. It‘s interesting to note the use of particular herbs, spices and even greenery, can be traced back in time, along with meaningful symbolism, tradition and history of use connected to them.


This is a wonderful time to explore the history, tradition, significance, and symbolism of herbs, greenery and décor most often associated with celebrating this holiday! Based on my most popular presentations, I’ve written Christmas Herbs to encourage finding new meaning, joy, wonder in beauty and tradition that surround us during this time. Also included are some fabulous herbal recipes to spark-up your holiday gatherings!


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