Authentic Trust

BeckyCortino.comFortune cookie messages are fun to read, aren’t they? Sometimes we pause, wondering what the creator meant. Often they cause us to contemplate what the future holds, or maybe consider how the few words on this little slip of paper may relate, written by someone somewhere who doesn’t even know us.  Has this ever happened to you?

Recently, my fortune cookie message held words that served as a meaningful affirmation. It arrived at the right time, to remind me of the fact that all we do today, and what we did yesterday, builds toward tomorrow.

I well remember that breathtaking moment when clearly I held a golden key in my hand, that could change everything forever… but realized that ‘forever’ is short term at best, and involves a far-greater compromise of values than some may realize, especially at the time such a glittering opportunity serendipitously presents itself.

This fortune cookie message and character-testing opportunities that build professionalism are not just for or about me — everyone is included. Trust is never to be taken lightly, or discarded as irrelevant. It has to be earned every second of every day. There are no overnight successes. The process is ongoing. Tomorrow you go back to work, earning that trust all over again.

Trust is a deep-rooted authenticity that can never be dug up, transplanted nor killed, unless misused by the originator. People will say what they say and do what they do. When well-grounded, truth, honesty and love are forever things.

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