Beautiful Gift Delivered by an Angel

There are Angels Among Us

We were sure she’d live to be 100 years old. It wasn’t long. She remained vibrant, clear-minded, armed with a spirit and spunk that let you know she’s got this — no problem. Our last visit with her convinced us, with certainty.

Her amazing schedule of gatherings, luncheons, meetings and activities belied her age. Far more active than folks even 20 years younger, we were thrilled to know she was still living an incredibly engaging, full life.

As human prognostications for the future often do, our hopeful prediction proved to be wrong. Exactly 2 days shy of 3 months to the date spent with her, she slipped loose of the surly bounds of this world. Jesus awaited her with open arms. Heaven welcomed another angel into its gates, and this world grew perceptibly colder.

When I heard the news, I was swept away in a relentless tangle of grief and despair. As if the tide was rolling in, dark waves of sadness continued pounding with a resounding thunder, on the eroding shore of my hurting heart. The exhausting ordeal pushed well past early morning hours, through the next day.

A profound sense of unceasing anguish gushed out of me. It was a strange mix of deep loss, blended with a consoling gratefulness that she had touched my life. I felt like a part of my heart was being surgically removed. In place of the gaping hurt, the remaining space was immediately filled with love.

She was one person who could say she knew me since I was born, and was glad for that. She well-understood my life story, and could recite it chapter and verse, loving me unceasingly through every unexpected twist, and uncertain turn.      

Our roots ran so deep, she even recognized when I became personally active in my spiritual life (before hitting double-digits) — and had proof. Certainly she and her family had always been influential in my life, sharing in that aspect as well.

When no Christmas card arrived from her by the usual time this year, I became concerned. Our card went out weeks before, hers was sure to follow. I chuckled, remembering her chiding me a few years ago, when busy with family adventures, I was slow to get our Christmas card and letter mailed. She let me know she liked to hear from me, and then respond to our holiday missive. So noted — and appreciated!

Looking back over her life, one would have to say she really got it when it came to relationships with others. She understood what was important to people, caring deeply about everyone. She was one of those saints you may be fortunate enough to know, who can make you feel you are the most important person in the world to her, without realizing the world is filled with others she was also crazy about.

True love was knowing her, having her in my life, and every visit. In addition to our recent joyous reunion, her powerful eyewitness account clearly confirmed how life was for me, as I grew up. Ever still undergirded with the blessed assurance I had received, gave me safe passage from that place.

Blessing upon blessing, she said she (and my long-departed much-loved grandmother) knew I was going to be alright. Those meaningful words were my precious gift, all wrapped-up with a beautiful bow this Christmas season.

Angels are among us. If you listen carefully, you will hear the Lord speak through them, intending to bless for all time.angels are in our lives

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