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Live Happy-Be Healthy: Add Humor to Every Day

I probably don’t have to remind you these are contentious times we’re living in, do I? Yet, the quest for happiness has been around as long as mankind has been in existence. It seems this search to fill that void is never-ending, as attempts are made to acquire that secret something that continues to elude.   Did you know there is a connection between health and humor? If you’re not exercising that funnybone of yours, you may be missing out…

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Humor Therapy: Bring in the Clowns

Humor Therapy: Bring in the Clowns — Injecting Healing Humor in the Healthcare Venue How can you entertain in a place like this? “The question often comes up. In fact, it seems only natural that folks would wonder how in the world anyone could entertain — let alone “clown” in the midst of sickness, sadness, sometimes even dying. Not an unusual query at all. Even as the seasoned hospital/caring clown that I am (13 years, at this writing), I must…

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Funny Smile Makerz Kit

Create Endless Smiles ‘n Memories with Funny Smile Makerz Kit! Designed especially for those who want to spread laughter and cheer, make happy memories for others. Always a hit with all ages, Funny Smile Makerz Smiles communicate clearly in all languages! Share Smiles everywhere — anytime! Once purchased, print as many as you want, as often as you need. Just for FUN — share Funny Smiles wherever you go!   Create a simple, special leave-behind for patients or residents of…

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Creative Arts Ministry

Are you looking for a meaningful way to serve? Christian creative arts ministry provides a means to touch hearts with ideas, lessons and uplifting messages. In today’s entertainment-driven society, this ministry form is viable, with endless opportunities.   Fear not! Although the name may imply requiring great creativity — it does not. Simply, a heart to serve is essential. This inspiring guide is presented as a springboard to spark imagination by Becky Cortino, based on her experience as a family…

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