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Live Happy-Be Healthy: Add Humor to Every Day

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I probably don’t have to remind you these are contentious times we’re living in, do I? Yet, the quest for happiness has been around as long as mankind has been in existence. It seems this search to fill that void is never-ending, as attempts are made to acquire that secret something that continues to elude.


Did you know there is a connection between health and humor? If you’re not exercising that funnybone of yours, you may be missing out on getting your recommended daily dose that naturally will elevate your mood, brighten your world, and no doubt make you feel at least a little happier.


Scientific studies indicate that humor and laughter make significant contributions to both physical and mental health conditions:

A stronger immune system and improved cardiovascular health are big results, for a few smiles! 

Stress hormones are reduced, and tensed muscles relax.

With less stress, anger and anxiety are reduced, and joy increases.

A sense of control washes over, and mood becomes more optimistic, with a positive outlook.

Emotional intelligence increases, and an uninspiring, sad, stressful situation or day may then be transformed… 


How humor works, simply:

Humor is an effective coping strategy! Offering a positive means to respond to a crisis, transcending us well beyond the weight of the moment, over the rough spot, into a better place.

Humor (and resulting laughter) come from the essence of our humanness. It is a natural part of who we are! Exercising that funnybone allows us to shift our perspective to a more positive (funnier) viewpoint that is easier to deal with.

Humor and laughter can be a bonding experience for teammates, group participants, even innocent bystanders! A static, uncertain, tension-filled atmosphere is shattered by well-placed, positive humor, becoming a tie that binds us all in our shared moment of humanness.


So the answer is right between your ears, emanating from your heart! Want to make the world better, and add more humor to every day? >>>>Check our resources:

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Humor Therapy: Bring in the Clowns

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Humor Therapy: Bring in the Clowns — Injecting Healing Humor in the Healthcare Venue

How can you entertain in a place like this?

“The question often comes up. In fact, it seems only natural that folks would wonder how in the world anyone could entertain — let alone “clown” in the midst of sickness, sadness, sometimes even dying. Not an unusual query at all.

Even as the seasoned hospital/caring clown that I am (13 years, at this writing), I must admit if I stop to ponder this thought long enough — it makes me consider as well. But then, I know I have been doing this for many years and seen the joy and wonderment in the faces and eyes of so many. I guess that is how I can do this type of entertaining.

However, performing in the hospital does require special training. By their very nature, pediatrics, cancer wards and also hospice settings require extra  preparation for entertainers. Many special situations and particular needs take entertaining in these venues well out of the norm or mainstream of performing even as compared to other healthcare settings.

Clowns who perform for patients usually agree the experience is humbling. The audience is not at their best, yet they usually welcome us in and thank us for our presence in the sweetest of ways. Our meager performances – no matter how grand, are dwarfed by the incredible strength and courage we appear in the face of, room after room, patient-by-patient. Sometimes the patients join in the celebration, sometimes quietly or just casually observing. I have even seen a patient or two take in our performance with all the energy they could muster — with eyes closed. They were there — right there with us, all along, I assure you.

The truth is, this kind of performing is very serious business. Hospital/caring clowns and healthcare entertainers may appear to be colorful and full of light, but a gentleness must pervade their spirits, as they wait and watch their audience watching them, adjusting, tweaking and fine-tuning their performance accordingly.”

ABOVE is partial excerpt from: Injecting Healing Humor in the Healthcare Setting: Entertaining Effectively in the Healthcare Venue (page 18), by Becky Cortino 

Copyright © 2017 BeckyCortino All Rights Reserved.

READ the remainder of this, and many more inspiring pieces encouraging injecting Healing Humor in to the healthcare setting –



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Are YOUInterested in Injecting Healing Humor into Healthcare?!

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Funny Smile Makerz Kit

Funny Smile Makerz Kit by Becky Cortino

Funny Smile Makerz Kit by Becky Cortino

Create Endless Smiles ‘n Memories with Funny Smile Makerz Kit!

Designed especially for those who want to spread laughter and cheer, make happy memories for others.

Always a hit with all ages, Funny Smile Makerz Smiles communicate clearly in all languages! Share Smiles everywhere — anytime! Once purchased, print as many as you want, as often as you need. Just for FUN — share Funny Smiles wherever you go!


Create a simple, special leave-behind for patients or residents of a healthcare facility or nursing home, humor programs, events and venues, humanitarian purposes, and outreach events. One size fits all! Great FUN for everyone!

Available on

Creative Arts, Injecting Healing Humor Into Healthcare, Live Happy-Be Healthy, Smile Makers

Creative Arts Ministry

Gift of Heart: Impacting Lives Through Christian Creative Arts by Becky Cortino

Gift of Heart: Impacting Lives Through Christian Creative Arts by Becky Cortino

Are you looking for a meaningful way to serve? Christian creative arts ministry provides a means to touch hearts with ideas, lessons and uplifting messages. In today’s entertainment-driven society, this ministry form is viable, with endless opportunities.


Fear not! Although the name may imply requiring great creativity — it does not. Simply, a heart to serve is essential. This inspiring guide is presented as a springboard to spark imagination by Becky Cortino, based on her experience as a family entertainer since 1997.


Learn what Christian creative arts ministry is, and why it is important. Discover possibilities surrounding all of us daily. Explore easily-implemented special event ideas, proven appropriate for varied venues and situations, along with four popular ministries to consider. You will benefit from tried-and-true insight and professional tips. A personal view presented from the trenches will help you know the positive impact made through simple gifts of the heart.

Available on

Available directly from Becky’s Publisher