Collaborative Book Projects

Over the years of my writing work, I’ve been fortunate to participate in collaborative book projects several times. Most either benefitted a cause near and dear to my heart, or promoted an idea or concept I support. What could be better than a great opportunity than that? The cherry on top was working with wonderful likeminded others to create them! I thought you might be interested in knowing more about them, as well:



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Uplifting stories for those on the front lines of healthcare, by professionals and volunteers.

What’s Right in Health Care: 365 Stories of Purpose, Worthwhile Work, and Making a Difference is a collaborative effort, compiled by Studer Group, a health care consulting firm whose mission is to make health care a better place for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine, and patients to receive care. This book is a daily reminder of why we answered this calling and why we stay with it–to serve a purpose, to do worthwhile work, and to make a difference.


I was honored that my submission was selected to be included as one of the 365 stories! My piece promoted the importance of Healing Humor in Healthcare for the patients and staff. I described the work {that looks like play] of the hospital humor program I led, Frye Regional Medical Center’s Charlie’s Chaplains. In it, I shared the beautiful and deeply moving moments we experienced.

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Herb Society of America, Herbs, Becky Cortino

Herbs Society of America’s Essential Guide benefits the National Herb Garden in Washington, DC

Fresh herbs offer a healthy and delicious way to spice up any meal, but growing and cooking with these delectable plants are endeavors fraught with uncertainty. What herbs will grow year-round on my kitchen windowsill? What foods complement rosemary? Which part of a lemongrass plant has the best flavor? Can I really eat the geraniums growing in my flower bed? This indispensable guide from The Herb Society of America takes the guesswork out of using herbs in the garden and in the kitchen by providing detailed information for cultivating a wide variety of herbs, along with easy-to-follow recipes that will surely impress even the most discerning palate.


This is by far one of the best, most complete books I’ve ever read on herbs — and I’m not just saying that! As a garden writer/researcher and presenter, I can assure you my bookshelves are filled with books on herbs and gardening. If you only buy one to buy one book — this is the one you want!

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Behind Her Brand with Becky Cortino

Behind Her Brand: Entrepreneur Edition, Volume 5

I am honored to be included among 12 women entrepreneurs featured in Behind Her Brand: Entrepreneur Edition, Vol.5.

This book will take you on journeys of real life lessons, obstacles, think tank processes, disappointments, and the victories of 12 successful female entrepreneurs who turned their brand into catalysts for their business successes.

It’s designed for the emerging entrepreneur who is ready to step out, step up, and step into what they feel called to do in business. I’m super excited about it, and wanted to share this news! Get ready to be inspired, challenged and empowered.

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