Funny Smile Makerz Kit

Funny Smile Makerz Kit by Becky Cortino

Funny Smile Makerz Kit by Becky Cortino

Create Endless Smiles ‘n Memories with Funny Smile Makerz Kit!

Designed especially for those who want to spread laughter and cheer, make happy memories for others.

Always a hit with all ages, Funny Smile Makerz Smiles communicate clearly in all languages! Share Smiles everywhere — anytime! Once purchased, print as many as you want, as often as you need. Just for FUN — share Funny Smiles wherever you go!


Create a simple, special leave-behind for patients or residents of a healthcare facility or nursing home, humor programs, events and venues, humanitarian purposes, and outreach events. One size fits all! Great FUN for everyone!

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