Happy Friday!

Happy-Happy Friday! I love celebrating the weekend, don’t you? There’s something special about them! I still look forward to the week’s end even when I have no big plans or events scheduled.


Fridays and Weekends are FUN!

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

Not long ago, as we were all embarking on a long holiday weekend, a lady I know wished me a nice, long weekend [appreciated] — and, she added — to give me “a break from work.” Her comment made me chuckle, because my life blends work into it like breathing. I’ve lived (and worked) like this for years, and can’t imagine life otherwise. In my world, wishing me a “break from work” is like asking me to hold my breath for an indeterminate time.


This gave me pause to stop and consider her viewpoint. As any parent knows, you don’t ever have a “day off.” She’s a parent, too. When our children grow up, we’re still their parents. She works in a family-owned business, but I think her mindset is very much tuned into “w-o-r-k” at her very own business! Because she’s trapped herself into this perspective, it’s just a J-O-B for her, waiting for the end of every workday, languishing until that next long weekend. Apparently, she has no joy in the job, which makes her time there unpleasant.


Weekends and special days are something to anticipate. Although  I’m fairly certain my work day runs a bit longer than hers, I’m very happy with that. I know nothing else, and realize it has more to do with my personal work style.  I hope my friend gets things arranged the way she’d like. I remember once convincing her a nice piece of business that was literally dropped in her lap was actually a wonderful opportunity, not something to dread (as she was). Eventually she realized it for the profitable, new service it is, and plans to offer it.


Happy Friday — happy weekend! Take time to enjoy this weekend, and every day as you can — make the most of it!



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