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This site is dedicated to the proposition that all people deserve to live healthy, happy lives!

Healing Humor is NOT a Band Aid — it’s a Way of Life!(TM)

Time-tested Healing Humor resources to positively impact, life, and Inject NEEDED Healing Humor into Healthcare, by Becky Cortino, the Creative Mind behind Healing Humor: Live Happy – Be Healthy and AHeart4Clowning series about Injecting Humor in the Healthcare Setting, via Applied Humor Therapy.


Becky is a published author, writer, featured public speaker, and trainer, with multimedia training series, written from the perspective of a family entertainer who has performed in a variety of venues since 1997, and based on nearly 14 years of performing in the healthcare setting and leading a hospital humor program. She has served in the trenches, knows the challenges, and program needs.


Books, media and resources developed by Becky Cortino are offered (below), to support, encourage and inspire this work that only looks like play, impacting hearts and lives everywhere the meandering journey of injecting healing humor leads! 


SHARE Smiles All Around — Wildly Popular for Years:
Printable Smiles on a Stick +More FUN: Funny Smile Makerz Kit – NEW CD!


FUN Video Training Program, Includes Facilitator’s Guide and Participant Booklet:
There’s a Clown in My Soup! Best Practices EduTrainment Clown Rounds video program
for Hospital Clowns, Caring Clowns, Healthcare Family Entertainers, Applies Humor Therapists…


Introduction to Healing Humor in the Healthcare Setting:
Especially for Healthcare Family Entertainers and Applied Humor Therapists:
How-to Guide with Printable Forms: Establish a Healthcare Humor Program, Group, Troupe, Ministry:
Creative Arts Ideas for Special Events and Insight on 4 Popular Ministries to Consider: 
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READ: “Finding Humor in Every Day” — My guest article appearing on Dr. Michelle Bengtson’s blog!

PODCAST: LISTEN: AHeart4Clowning TalkRadio Show [5 Seasons] — A very special talk radio show about Healing Humor and Applied Humor Therapy for Hospital or Caring Clowns, and Healthcare Family Entertainers, Applied Humor Therapists, SmileMakers, or anyone interested in learning more about this special work, Applied Humor Therapy and the Healing Power of Humor in EveryDay, as well as related complementary, alternative, and integrative therapies.


MORE Articles on AHeart4Clowning 


HealingHumor TV:
WATCH: Healing Humor Channel [YouTube], resources for applying Healing Humor every day, enhancing life and health, injecting Healing Humor in the Healthcare Setting! 


Miles Of Smiles Quest:
JOIN: Founded in 2007 by Becky Cortino, Miles Of Smiles Quest seeks to spread Miles Of Smiles Globally! This bold campaign promotes the challenge of simply sharing smiles equally and freely, making the world brighter. Joining is easy and FREE — simply “Like” our Miles Of Smiles Quest Facebook Page, and share smiles everywhere you go!  Based on the premise “Healing Humor is NOT a Band Aid — it’s a Way of Life!” TM 
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