Herbal Treasures Gardener’s Planning Guide Coloring Book

Herbal Treasures Gardener's Planning Journal & Coloring Book

Herbal Treasures Of Hickory Hollow Gardener’s Planning Journal and Coloring Book by Becky Cortino

Poetry, art, literature and gardening joys converge between the covers of this Herbal Treasures of Hickory Hollow Gardener’s Planning Journal and Coloring Book.


Providing a unique gardening companion, it is designed with a heart’s desire to create a useful planning journal to delight gardeners who share a passion for digging in the dirt. This nifty book provides a place to lay out new designs, notes for seasons ahead, doodle planned changes, track orders, keep a running inventory of anticipated supplies — all in one place.


Throughout this book, year-round tips and ideas will enhance every garden, with places to sketch-out design ideas for that Dream Garden as inspiration strikes. Coloring features and images scattered throughout provide rainy day enjoyment. Presented seasonally, this planning journal helps gardeners stay organized, complimented by space for journalling and creativity!

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