Honored to Speak to Narodny English Club in Novgorod, Russia

During our family’s recent trip to Russia,  I was honored to speak to the English Club at Narodny language school  in Novogorod!  


Their original request was for me to speak about myself. Thinking I would rather give a presentation that would inspire, and (hopefully) provide some valuable take-away points, I developed “The Inquisitive Mind,” based on how life’s momentum takes us to amazing places if we allow it. Certainly this was illustrated by my being in Russia!


The surprise element of audience participation kicked things up a bit, with prizes for correct answers to questions throughout my presentation.  The audience was very attentive and we had a lot of fun! I was surprised to learn that some of their answers were based on hints provided, not necessarily their travel experience, so this was an intelligent group!


As a fun closing for the English Club session, my youngest son (who has been studying Russian at St. Petersburg University for 15 months), double-teamed with me to improv-discuss the top 10 “worst” American foods, a pictures and list via compliments of Buzzfeed, which also provided the group additional insight to cultural topics and food, albeit some were somewhat random! This was a great exercise for the group, giving them some additional insight into the American food culture.


Prior to my presentation, I enjoyed a tour of the school, and learned how they teach languages to their students.


I was thrilled the attendance was about double the usual number (on a Sunday afternoon) for my session! I enjoyed meeting the students, teachers and founder, and learning more about their studies.


Afterward, the school founder took us for a wonderful tour of the area. It was a delightful day, and I came away feeling I had learned so much about the people here. They shared with me that they were also inspired by my session, which is the cherry on top!


Narodny language school  in Novogorod, Russia


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