Leave Room for Discovery — There’s Learning in that Space

“Always” and “Never” sound like pre-conceived notions, don’t they? Using them sets-up whatever you’re about to say or write [if attempting persuasion] for a condition of predictability.

Not everything is predictable. The unexpected happens. It’s not always business as usual. For this reason, counting on preconceived notions is inherently risky.

While obviously projections based on past history and behavioral expectations can sometimes be (somewhat) reliable, depending upon them entirely blinds everyone’s sight to possibilities of what could be potential outcomes.

In writing, this may be a useful tool (tempered with not losing sight of what could be, in the case of creative nonfiction/investigative), but can be downright hazardous in relationships!

Approach these words with great caution. Consider your word choice carefully. Don’t’ set yourself up to miss something [better], by clinging to the past because it’s easier or more comfortable. By not being willing to venture out of the familiar, you will miss out on discoveries to learn from, and possibly use to innovate with.

With learning comes understanding. Knowledge is developed from understanding. From knowledge, experience develops.

But be careful relying too heavily upon knowledge-based experience! You may miss the very next good thing…

Revel in Possibility!

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