Living Job’s Life

When things go wrong, times get tough, sometimes we begin to feel like Job, don’t we? At one point, he became so aggravated he asked God outright, “If I sin, what do I do to you, you watcher of humanity? Why have you made me your target?” ~ Job 7:20 [The Message]


In the midst of trials, did you ever roll your eyes and ask “why me?” I’ll admit I certainly have — more than once! It’s human nature to wonder why things have to be as they are, and not as we believe they should. It’s a great disappointment when plans don’t work out as we thought they would. Losing someone important in our life is a void that can never be filled.


The truth is, what happens to us shapes our lives. Our faith is clearly evidenced by the way we respond to challenges thrown our way. Walking in faith is the path we take handling the unforeseen, long-dreaded, unfathomable interference.



So Job’s story goes in the Old Testament…


“What are mortals anyway, that you bother with them,

    that you even give them the time of day?

That you check up on them every morning,

    looking in on them to see how they’re doing?

Let up on me, will you?

    Can’t you even let me spit in peace?

Even suppose I’d sinned—how would that hurt you?

    You’re responsible for every human being.

Don’t you have better things to do than pick on me?

    Why make a federal case out of me?

Why don’t you just forgive my sins

    and start me off with a clean slate?

The way things are going, I’ll soon be dead.

    You’ll look high and low, but I won’t be around.”

~ Job 7: 20-21 [The Message]




Job’s story is very much about relationships, including his relationship with God. While his story is different from ours, we probably share some similarities.


Our relationships with others, how we interact, and the quality of those moments of connectedness are part of the package of living in faith, and not just talking the talk. Realizing how others treat us has much more to do with them than us. It speaks of where they are in life, what they hold most dear, their priorities — or lack of them. How we engage with or address those in our lives illustrates the quality of our relationships, illustrating what we hold as most dear.


We do have God’s promise that He is always with us, and we know that blessings abound even in trying times. It may take our persevering through the event, emerging from it to experience that blessing. Maybe looking for a blessing in the darkness, is just enough to keep that spark of hope lighting our way.


After much testing and experiencing so many losses, “God blessed Job’s later life even more than his earlier life.” [Job 42:12] But wait — there’s more:  “Job lived on another 140 years, living to see his children and grandchildren—four generations of them! Then he died—an old man, a full life.” [Job 42:16-17]


By God’s grace we may (or may not) live “on another 140 years,” but hopefully we will be blessed to live a full life in our own time. Note scripture references Job lived “to see his children and grandchildren— four generations of them,” indicating deep relationships in his life.


How’s your story going? Do you have relationships or situations in your life that could be improved, or need to be restored?  Maybe someone hurting could begin healing through grace received from you, or you inwardly suffer, needing to find a way to forgive yourself. If this has bothered you enough, you’ve probably attempted to read as much as you could about the topic of forgiveness, and maybe even delved into the Bible, studying every word Jesus ever said on the matter, but feel you’re getting no where. Somehow you know you’re missing something.


Ever since I began writing my book on forgiveness, people started sharing amazing stories, inspiring and encouraging me to stay on track. Every story shows me another view of life, allowing me to write from a wider perspective, not based only on personal experience and my own spin on things.


MORE: My current book project on Forgiveness.


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