Planning for Success

It is said “We make plans and God laughs.” Often, the best strategized plans fall by the wayside or don’t keep us on track as crushing reality interferes.


Sometimes we over-estimate our ability to achieve what we have attempted. Never seeming to have enough time usually indicates our not allowed a proper margin of time for expected unexpected bumps in the road on the way to our goal destination.


Maybe our “planning” was based on a faulty premise, or we didn’t do the necessary advance work to assure a firm footing, before proceeding ahead.


Starting a new project is exciting!It’s easy to jump in, swayed by the inspiration of the moment, only to discover that more time spent strategizing would have firmed things up, making the effort more effective from the start.


Times like this, remembering Proverbs 16:9 is fitting: “In his heart a man’s plans his course, but the lord determines his steps.” Maybe “where” we thought we were headed wasn’t really where we ought to go? It’s worthwhile to review and carefully consider.


Our grandest plans are no match for our Heavenly Father’s plans. Ephesians 1:11 reminds us that we know [he] “works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will.”


When things don’t work out as we plan, perhaps it’s due to ineffective planning. Inadequate preparation, or leaving out a key essential caused the derailment. It’s possible our efforts should be directed in another way. Praying about the matter before launching into doing it, during our work, and afterward is always the best approach.


In a previous post, I shared about my efforts for making this My Best Year Ever, supported and encouraged by excellent training and effective tools that help me make it happen (in addition to prayer), The result? I was able to layout a highly detailed, well-designed year plan. This all came together to help me work toward my goals and achieve successes step-by-step.


However — a word of caution: if your plans involve projects or components that [previously] were not well-strategized or fully-developed, no matter how great your planning process, results will not be as successful as they could otherwise be.



Here is an excellent article on Planning Fallacies and How to Deal with Them

Another Planning Tool: Bullet Journals to Consider and Possibly Implement

APP: Bullet Journals



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