Savvy DIY Intentional Visibility FREE 30-Day eCourse

Savvy DIY Marketers Increase Your Visibility, Build Brand +Biz!

Do you want to build your brand and increase business, attract new clients and make more sales? If you’ve been trying, you’re probably aware of the challenge in getting your message heard, being seen as expert in your field, for prospects to find and buy from you!


Your success really comes down to focusing on what’s most important — your goals, applying effective methods to achieve them. It takes time, effort and ongoing focus to realize success. Having a sustainable plan to guide you is key.

As a marketing/PR consultant, I helped lots of small business owners and independent professionals create greater awareness. Within 5 years of establishing my consultancy, I was nominated for the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award.

I no longer offer consultation services, but know the need remains great, for business success. This is why I offer a COMPLIMENTARY/NO-obligation eCourse to benefit folks who want to build their brand, increase visibility! With all the great tools available today, it’s possible for you to do many of the things my clients paid me to do for them! In fact, a lot of these tools are available for at no cost.

My “Savvy DIY Intentional Visibility 30-day eCourse includes instruction and walk-through with you, to:

  • Review your current business, set business/visibility goals/priorities, USP
  • Develop your visibility-building messaging and strategy
  • Create a content marketing plan and ongoing communication strategy
  • Establish effective online presence for your brand
  • Measure results, review feedback and response

Your participation is strictly private — you will submit no information online to me, working from the comfort of your own computer, as you progress through this eCourse.

Benefit beginning right NOW – start anytime! Valued at $397 — at a fraction of the cost of my professional consultation services —  this eCourse is offered to you at NO cost. The ONLY requirement is your wholehearted participation, working through each step, for your best advantage! It’s up to you!

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