Showers of Blessings

Showers of Blessings

“I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.” ~ Ezekiel 34:23b [NIV]

It seems the weather is almost always a popular topic of conversation — maybe in part because it’s something we can agree upon*. Highly unpredictable twists and turns during the 2016 growing season certainly provided endless soundbites and sharing.


According to USDA Drought Monitoring, my area of North Carolina is experiencing drought conditions. This we knew. It was especially evident when our garden went unattended during a recent trip.


While our garden took the turn it did this season, we didn’t feel any less blessed at all. In fact, even in the midst of this dry and crispy season, we’re feeling very blessed!


About 2 months ago, I was assured that what was going to happen in my life was “intended to bless.” Not quite knowing what that was, or how it would be delivered, my mind played with this for a while.


I do have a great imagination, but found it to be no match for the showers of blessing about to rain down upon us! Even with 8 weeks of advance notice, I assure you I’d never have been totally prepared for the dowsing we were to receive!


The deluge began just over 2 weeks ago, and it has not stopped. I’ve discovered I don’t have enough buckets, barrels, baskets or bins to collect all the blessings! Still, they keep coming. I’m running, trying to keep up!


If you know me on the other side of this screen, or online, you probably know I don’t usually run out of things to talk about [I’m a good listener, too by the way]… but at this moment, I’m having a difficulty putting more than 2 words together, to make a sentence. I think my nearly speechless condition is probably because I feel so incredibly blessed, and am busily running to catch all these blessings any way I can.


For now, I think I’ll linger just a bit longer in this blissful place… but I want to assure you that even in times of drought, we are all incredibly blessed.


*meaning weather conditions, not causes of extreme weather


ABOUT: Drought Conditions Status  [For other regions, click-through, to view USDA Drought Monitor Map]

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