Becky Cortino is available for speaking engagements, presenting in 3 main topic areas:

Finding Humor in Every Day

Fascinating Herbs for All Seasons in Your Garden

Personal Privacy and Business Security: What You Need to Know in the Digital World



Topics For Book Clubs, Study Groups, Bible Study Groups, Women’s Circles, Tea and Luncheon Programs, Gatherings, and Special Events:  

Health and Lifestyle PRESENTATION Topics: Available in 20-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute or 1-hour formats

Healing Humor – Live Happy, Be Healthy!

  • Finding Humor in Everyday
  • Injecting Healing Humor into the Healthcare Setting
  • Why Healthcare Facilities Should Have a Humor Program
  • How to Establish a Healthcare Facility Humor Program, Group, Troupe of Ministry
  • Healing Humor for Healthcare Professionals


Christian Creative Arts Ministry

  • Touching Hearts through the Arts


The Fascinating World of Herbs – Herbal Treasures of Hickory Hollow*

  • Enhancing Your Home and Life with Herbs
  • Herbs of the Bible
  • Herbs through the Ages
  • Christmas Herbs
  • Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden
  • Gardening for Wildlife



Extending Grace, Living in Peace in an Unforgiving World


Personal Privacy, Technology and Business Security PRESENTATION Topics:

FOR: Personal Privacy

Your internet connection opens you up to a whole New World — The Good, The Bad, and The Unexpected. Technology is part of nearly all aspects of every day life, and it’s here to stay. Even if you choose not to fully utilize it for its inherent advantages, you are directly impacted. Discover possibilities, easy strategies, learn best practice techniques. Get helpful takeaway tips, as you become informed of potential risks and rewards technology offers.


FOR: Business Security
The internet is an integral part of doing business. Websites help businesses connect with customers, answer questions, promote, sell products and services, attract new clients. Unfortunately, online business sites are often targeted, resulting in chaos and unwanted fall-out, affecting the bottomline and brand. Explore potential risks, discover current threats, and learn strategies for harnessing the power of the web for your business.



Topics For CONFERENCES: Available as workshops, class series, or seminar-type formats

FOR: Applied Humor Therapy/Healthcare Facility Humor Programs/Creative Arts Programs/ Ministries

  • Injecting Healing Humor into Healthcare
  • Finding Humor in Every Day
  • How to Establish a Healthcare Humor Program
  • Touching Hearts Through the Arts with Christian Creative Arts Ministry


FOR: Writers Conferences, Educational Seminars, Training Programs

Spark Writer’s Wisdom:

  • Publishing the Book of Your Dreams
  • Self-Publishing Secrets
  • Congrats, You’re Published! Now what?


FOR: Indie Professionals, Small Business Owners, Creatives, Artists, Writers, Published Authors

Savvy DIY Marketer:

  • Intentional Visibility Practicum


NOTE: Conference Topics can be adjusted to conference requirements





  • Advent Wreath-Making Workshop, and Christmas Herbs
  • Cooking with Herbs


Healing Humor:

  • Establishing a Healthcare Facility Humor Group, Troupe or Ministry
  • Injecting Healing Humor into Healthcare
  • Healing Humor Strategies for Medical Professionals




*PLEASE NOTE RE: Herbal Treasures Topics – Herbal legends, lore, historical use and everyday real-life application of herbs is discussed in many of these presentations. However, please be advised that no medicinal advice nor health recommendations are made in these programs. Becky Cortino does not advise (nor ever has) on medicinal use of herbs, because individuals know their own health condition. Instead, Becky encourages interested persons to engage in in-depth study around the topic, and appropriate medical advice sought, to address any health concerns.




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