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Leave Room for Discovery — There’s Learning in that Space

“Always” and “Never” sound like pre-conceived notions, don’t they? Using them sets-up whatever you’re about to say or write [if attempting persuasion] for a condition of predictability. Not everything is predictable. The unexpected happens. It’s not always business as usual. For this reason, counting on preconceived notions is inherently risky. While obviously projections based on past history and behavioral expectations can sometimes be (somewhat) reliable, depending upon them entirely blinds everyone’s sight to possibilities of what could be potential outcomes.…

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Revenge and Forgiveness

Revenge and Forgiveness – Revenge is a short-term hate tactic, never a solution to any problem. It is the polar opposite of forgiveness. It solves nothing, creates more discord, possibly widening any chasm that might otherwise be bridged by extending grace. Yet, we see this occurring somewhere in the world nearly everyday, don’t we? “All who see me; they hurl insults, shaking their heads.” ~ Psalm 22:7  In this reading, we are reminded of Jesus’ mockery as a part of the…

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Kindness Changes Everything

Kindness makes all the difference. Christmastime brings with it traditions, surprises, special gatherings and beautiful blessings… About 22 years ago, a group of ladies gathered to give an abused woman a gift shower to help her in settling into a new, safer life. Every year since then, I’ve received a Christmas card and update from this sweet lady. Her life hasn’t been easy, but she shares with me how this year  was for her, assuring me that she’s getting on…

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Transformations Surround Us

Transformations… surround us. Because life is dynamic, things change every day. Transformative events occur, creating a world we never dreamed of before this moment. We’ve been known to have a change of heart… often change our minds… sometimes, we even change directions in midstream! As sure as we are of things. consistent and stable as we may try to live our lives, it’s obvious we exist in the midst of change. These are the unexpected spaces in our lifetime where…

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Happy Friday!

Happy-Happy Friday! I love celebrating the weekend, don’t you? There’s something special about them! I still look forward to the week’s end even when I have no big plans or events scheduled.   Not long ago, as we were all embarking on a long holiday weekend, a lady I know wished me a nice, long weekend [appreciated] — and, she added — to give me “a break from work.” Her comment made me chuckle, because my life blends work into…

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Showers of Blessings

It seems the weather is almost always a popular topic of conversation — maybe in part because it’s something we can agree upon*. Highly unpredictable twists and turns during the 2016 growing season certainly provided endless soundbites and sharing.   According to USDA Drought Monitoring, my area of North Carolina is experiencing drought conditions. This we knew. It was especially evident when our garden went unattended during a recent trip.   While our garden took the turn it did this…

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