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How to Forgive

St Francis of Assisi Peace Prayer and Forgiveness

St Francis of Assisi’s Peace Prayer fairly well covers the topic of forgiveness, our shared human need for grace, and to extend it to others. Considering the words comprising this, it seems to be offered as a genuine plea for grace and peace, citing examples of much of what often plagues the human soul. Studying his prayer carefully, you will see it serves as a model for setting things right in life. Usually when we come to a point where…

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Writing About Forgiveness

The response to my current book project on Forgiveness has been heart-expanding and mind-blowing! So many have shared their incredible stories and encouragement with me. In the process, I’m exceedingly appreciative of all of the ongoing assurances showing how desperately this book is needed. On this amazing writing journey, some days’ events and serendipitous encounters seemed like huge billboards plastered everywhere along the road. Unavoidable, they served to remind me of the extreme importance of this book, realizing potential positive…

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