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Injecting Healing Humor into Healthcare

Injecting Healing Humor in the Healthcare Setting

    An inspiring guide filled with ideas and savvy solutions for Hospital Clowns, Healthcare Family Entertainers, Applied Humor Therapists, and SmileMakers, by Becky Cortino, based on nearly 14 years of hospital clowning experience, beginning in 1997.   Insightfully written to encourage those in the trenches desiring to generously inject Healing Humor in the healthcare setting, through effectively entertaining, touching hearts, spreading a contagious epidemic of laughter and cheer through lavish doses of Joy and Wonder!   This book includes:…

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Healing Humor in the Healthcare Setting

    From the Heart: Injecting Healing Humor in the Healthcare Setting by Becky Cortino While it is said the longest journey begins with a single step, the adventures of a hospital or caring clown into the Great Clown Unknown may comprise the most incredible experience of a lifetime, in every step taken by those funny shoes and in the true heart behind that nose.   This book is written based upon personal experience, explorations and interest-directed research serving in…

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How To Establish A Hospital Humor Program

Are you all Dressed Up with No Place to go? Have you had Hospital Clown, Caring Clown or Healthcare Family Entertainer training — or a big desire to do this — but no established hospital or healthcare facility program where you can apply it? Do you need a dose of encouragement?   There are many preliminaries and considerations that need to be addressed in setting up a hospital or healthcare facility humor program. The nuts ‘n bolts to help you…

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