Transformations Surround Us

Butterflies represent an amazing transformation!

Transformations surround us!

Transformations… surround us. Because life is dynamic, things change every day. Transformative events occur, creating a world we never dreamed of before this moment. We’ve been known to have a change of heart… often change our minds… sometimes, we even change directions in midstream!

As sure as we are of things. consistent and stable as we may try to live our lives, it’s obvious we exist in the midst of change. These are the unexpected spaces in our lifetime where we grow in surprising ways — if we embrace them.


I wonder if the lowly caterpillar anticipates of or fears what lies ahead? The ungainly alien-like critter eventually transforms into a well-loved winged delight. It changes into something previously unimaginable — beautiful, taking flight now, as a graceful butterfly!



There is an inherent elegance in change. Not for the sake of it, but for the possible opportunities of personal growth and promised good things to come.


Revel in the Possibilities!



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