Working to Make it Happen: My Best Year Ever

As we rapidly approach the mid-point of this year, I’m reviewing goals I’ve accomplished, considering things I have to complete in the second half of 2017.


This year, I took a different approach in my planning process. Early in the year, I attended Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever program, and got great inspiration for the New Year. Having brushed-up on skills, learning some new techniques, and discovering a different way to look at certain things, I was ready to get started!


But, I still needed a way to effectively plan my year, and accomplish all I wanted and needed to do. Enter Lara Casey. I began using her  Power Sheets and ways to “Make It Happen” became clearer! Working through her process, and also inspired by Michael’s techniques and ideas, I have been very pleased at what I’ve accomplished in the first six month of this year.


June has been the busiest month for me, and using Lara Casey’s system helped me accomplish every goal on schedule. I recently received her next set of Power Sheets and FUN Fruitful Friendships materials. Using them, I’ve planned out the remainder of this year, with increased clarity. I love her beautiful materials, and these Fruitful Friendship cards are a great way to stay in touch! I’ve already sent several off to my friends to let them know I’m thinking of them. 


How’s your year going? Hope it’s going well! If you’re looking for some inspiration, or great planning materials (Michael Hyatt has a NEW planning system, too!), visit their sites, for more information:


Lara Casey’s Cultivate What Matters Site

Michael Hyatt


By the way — the above links are not affiliate links! I’m sharing them with you because I’ve been so pleased with my progress and results!


What have I been busy working on? My Forgiveness Book, which is now in the hands of Beta Reader Team #1!


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