Write Your Book: Tell Your Story, Sell Your Product, Share Your Idea!



Published Writer and Author Becky Cortino

A book is an effective plank in your platform and can create an income stream for you, as well as spin-off products and services you can also offer.

Do you have a book you’ve always wanted to write or that you may have begun, but its in “Writer’s Limbo” right now?

A lot of people I know talk about having an “Amazon Best Seller” — but the reality is, you can’t until you write that book!

Frequently, people tell me they want to write a book, but don’t know where to begin, and they need help. Writing a book starts with a dedicated heart wanting to share an experience, idea, knowledge, expertise or a story.

It’s often said that everyone has a story within them. How much better the world is for the ideas, expertise and stories shared!

Did you know that books serve as a valuable plank in building your platform for success, marketing your brand or cause, and can create an income stream — often at no to low cost?

Is this the year you’ll publish your book — why not now? What’s holding you back from writing your book? There are far more benefits to writing a book, than not…

Although there are decisions to be made in writing and publishing, sometimes it’s the “getting started” part that serves as the biggest obstacle. Taking that first step can seem to be daunting.

Because I’ve had so many people tell me they want to learn about writing a book, I offer a FREE “Write Your Book Now” 7-part e-course to help them and you, get that book jump-started, or book project finished — it’s been popular!

I’m glad to offer my expertise to help other aspiring authors with their book projects:

  • I’ve been a published writer since before graduating high school.
  • My written words have been delivered on all forms of the media (including commercial electronic media in major US Markets), presented live and recorded, globally.
  • Since 1982, I have written various projects for clients.
  • I am a published author of 7 books, numerous eBooks, and 17 multimedia programs.
  • I guess you could say I’ve made a career out of writing!



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